Live UFC Betting

MMA Betting has exploded the past couple of years and as the sports grows, us MMA fans love the increase betting options for UFC and MMA betting. When it comes to Live Betting on the UFC some betting websites like Ohmbet has excelled in the arena, and its reason why they position themselves as the #1 MMA Sportsbook. There is a value in live UFC betting; as a bettor you have more control and can place your bets in real time as the fights progress. At this point UFC is the only promotion that the sportsbook offers live odds, below you can find the best places to bet on UFC live.

Live UFC betting
Live UFC betting

What is Live betting, In-Play or live-in-play Betting?

Live betting is when you place your odds during a live sporting event. What it means is that you can bet on UFC fights live while your favorite fighters are competing. In the past live odds for UFC was limited, however now we see certain sportsbooks coming along and offering good odds market during the live events.

Ohmbet offers live UFC betting odds between the rounds, during the fights and minutes prior the bout starts. At times, the odds may be suspended, just like any other sports, if the situation is critical and the fight is about to end due to a stoppage, however for the most part, you can bet anytime during the fights.


UFC Live Betting Markets

Fight Result – The default UFC live-in-play odds is on the fight result. The live UFC odds will move based on how a fight is progressing and you can bet on the fighter you think will win during or in between the rounds. Ohmbet even offers draw, which is quite rare for a UFC fight, however it happens and the odds are very high.

Round Betting – You can also bet on round betting live during UFC fights. You need to predict the winning fighter along with the round that you think it will finish. This bet can be utilized in-play to get great value.

Over / Under – Bet on the over and under the round minutes during the fights.

Method of Victory – You can place your bets on the method of victory live at some UFC sportsbooks websites. You’ll be able to bet on a fighter winning via KO/TKO, Submission or Decision. Inside the distance is offered, this is KO or Submission victory.

Best live UFC Betting Sites in the UK, Canada and Europe

  • – Ohmbet is great when it comes to live-in-play for UFC odds, as they have a great betting selection during the events, quick odds updates and limited stoppages during the fights. Very smooth, and as a MMA bettor, why place a pre match bets on UFC when you can bet as the fight progresses, its great! UFC bettors can wager and bet on the fight results, round betting and method of victory in-play during televised UFC events anytime during the fight all through the last round. Ohmbet has also the best UFC and MMA bonuses for new players, once you register, you can claim your welcome bonus.
  • – Unibet is a top UFC betting website that offers live-in-play for almost all UFC events. The stoppages are fair, most of them occur in risky situations when fighters are about to end the fight or when the referee has called for a time out (injury). Unibet is also easy to navigate for UFC betting, as Unibet has a live indicator for each fight they offer in in-play mode, so there is no confusion.

Best In-Play UFC Bookmakers in the USA

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