Superior Challenge – Sweden’s Biggest MMA Organization

Sweden’s top tier MMA promotion, Superior Challenge holds another event tomorrow on April 1st, at Eriksdalshallen, in Stockholm Sweden. This show will be the 15th Mixed Martial Arts event that Superior Challenge has put together the past decade and more will come. Many Swedish UFC stars like Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson, Reza “Mad Dog” Madadi, David Bielkheden, Magnus Cedenblad have fought for the organization prior to getting invitations from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Superior Challenge 15 – Main Event Papy Abedi vs Dylan Andrews

Former UFC welterweight contender Papy Abedi (10-3) is squaring off against New Zealand’s own Dylan Andrews in the main event bout at Superior Challenge 15. Papy Abedi who is a fan favorite in his home town Stockholm, had only one fight in 2016, and prior to that he was on a three year hiatus after he was cut from the UFC back in 2013. Surprisingly his last UFC bout back then was against Dylan Andrews, which ended with a KO loss for Abedi.  Dylan Andrews who has a record 17-7 is  competing after a two year hiatus and with three consecutive losses, a win is crucial tomorrow.

Superior Challenge 15 – Co Main event

In the co-main event, Stockholm’s own David Bielkheden (23-12) faces Morten Djursaa (13-5). Bielkheden who is a UFC veteran, and on a six fight win streak is ready to make a statement on Saturday, in the hopes to be able to finish his career in the UFC. The Danish fighter, Djursaa is hoping to derail Bielkheden’s plans and shut that door once and for all.

SUPERFIGHT – Simon Sköld vs Juntaro Ami

No fighter in Sweden has reached the level of fame as Simon Sköld (6-5) except for Alexander Gustafsson. With a so-so record, a famous girlfriend and being active in Swedish TV, Simon Sköld is given the opportunity to improve is record tomorrow versus Juntaro Ami (9-8-1).

Superior Challenge 15 Fight Odds provided by, #1 MMA sportsbook is offering Superior Challenge 15 fight odds for tomorrows event. As expected, Andrews who once KO’ed Abedi is favorite in the rematch with 1.73 in odds. Home town favorite David Bielkheden is favorite, 1.40 in odds. Playmma’s betting tips for Superior Challenge is to parlay David Bielkheden and Dylan Andrews on Ohmbet to get a total odds of 2.40.

Martin Akhtar 2.50 vs. Kevin Petshi 1.47
Simon Skold 1.35 vs.  Juntaro Ami 2.95
David Bielkheden 1.40 vs. Morten Djursaa 2.70
Papy Abedi 1.97 vs. Dylan Andrews 1.73


  1. Thanks for tip! I did the parlay bet on Ohmbet and won 2.40 times my stake. What are your tips for UFC 210?

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