UFC 210 is a big event with 13 exciting fights, and most people will place their UFC bets on the outcome of the main event fight between Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier, and co-main Chris Weidman versus Gegard Mousasi. The latter fight is a very interesting match-up, as two prime middleweight fighters are facing each other for a title shot and improvement in the rankings.

As far as the main event fight: Cormier vs Johnson, it all depends on Cormier’s health. As he experienced a bad weight cut which went viral with the towel scandal, it may play a factor in the fight. One thing is certain, Cormier has more tools in his arsenal to beat Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Betting tip for UFC 210 is to parlay Cormier and Weidman.

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Betting on live UFC event

If you are going to watch the event live and like to bet on Mixed Martial Arts and UFC, then try the live betting on Saturday’s UFC 210 event. You can get quite a good value by observing the fights in real time, and as one fighter is advancing place your bet then.
Even though the odds for the fighter has been lowered by the odds makers, you can still get anywhere on 25-75% on your stake. Just watch out for the underdog, as we all know in the sports of MMA anything happen. Vice verca, bet on the huge underdog with a smaller bet and hope for an exciting ending.

Keep in mind, that in the live UFC markets, you’ll notice that the favorite’s odds will increase a lot if they win a round or two, or the underdog’s odds have been significantly increased. You can find good live betting odds after the first or second round.
See below for the best UFC odds, each fight will be offered in live-in-play just couple minutes prior the bout start.